La Trobe Financial news

  • Cory Bannister: A family-friendly solution by Otiena Ellwand

    La Trobe Financial’s VP discusses the lender's innovative loan option that’s making the Australian dream still possible

  • AB issue 14.19 by

    Cory Bannister - How La Trobe Financial is making the Australian dream still possible with an innovative loan solution

  • ASIC releases its review of interest-only home loans by AB

    Brokers are more likely to obtain an interest-only loan for borrowers than lenders, the review found

  • Non-banks face off in roundtable showdown by Miklos Bolza

    Leaders from the country’s biggest non-banks tackled the tough questions on APRA oversight, broker commissions and more

  • Dual departures revamp non-bank leadership by Miklos Bolza

    The changes will bring in a new generation of leader at the specialist lender and marks a new chapter for the firm

  • AB issue 14.12 by

    Chris Andrews - With banks facing increased restrictions and tighter lending standards, non-bank lenders are picking up more market share and are readying for a major comeback, explains La Trobe Financial’s chief investment officer