Cameron Kusher news

  • Premium housing market softens by Rebecca Pike

    New report shows the different directions of premium market and affordable market

  • All eyes on Tas by AB

    As the good times end in Sydney and Melbourne, those in search of better deals are heading south. But as Tasmania is starting to discover, more people means more demand on a limited supply

  • How the housing market shifted in 2017 by AB

    CoreLogic sums up the year that was in housing and reflects on what’s to come

  • Capital cities boast spectrum of housing costs by Nicola Middlemiss

    New research has shown that, despite a focus on median prices, there is a wide variety of housing values across Australia’s key cities

  • One in two mortgage holders over-indebted by Miklos Bolza

    New analysis of ABS data has highlighted trends amongst households who may be taking on heightened levels of debt

  • $1m homes reach record highs by YIP

    Overall, capital cities and regional areas have seen a proportional lift in homes selling for at least a million dollars, according to CoreLogic