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  • Hot market concerns for 77% of home owners by Miklos Bolza

    Growing issues with housing affordability are increasing along with the public’s general lack of knowledge about the property market

  • Over 2,000 homes auctioned in year-high surge by Miklos Bolza

    Capital city markets are heating up for 2017 with auction volumes and clearance rates both trending upwards

  • Number of $1m suburbs spikes by 176% by Miklos Bolza

    Driven by growth in Sydney and Melbourne, the number of suburbs with a median property value of over $1m has skyrocketed

  • NSW driving surge in new investment lending by Miklos Bolza

    With investor demand for mortgages moving higher over recent months, NSW is now seen as the main contributor to this trend

  • AB issue 13.21 by

    Lino Pelaccia General manager of broker sales Lino Pelaccia, of industry super fund-owned bank ME, on the importance of brokers to the lender’s growth strategy, and its new offering that includes more staff, more technology and more products

  • Loss making resales hit two-year high by Phil McCarroll

    New analysis shows nearly one in 10 properties resold in the June quarter resulted in a loss.