RBA news

  • When foe becomes friend by Otiena Ellwand

    In a rare moment, ASIC, APRA and the RBA spoke on the benefits brokers provide consumers, all while UBS' latest report continued to spark outrage

  • AB issue 14.19 by

    Cory Bannister - How La Trobe Financial is making the Australian dream still possible with an innovative loan solution

  • IO loans “key tail risk” in market by Miklos Bolza

    One research firm has flagged interest only loans as presenting potential risks for both borrower defaults and bank profits

  • FOS reports seven broker disputes in 2016/17 by Miklos Bolza

    In contrast, the industry ombudsman has revealed a staggering 10,400 disputes with the banks during the same time period

  • Mortgage holders struggling under rate hikes by Miklos Bolza

    Out-of-cycle rate increases mean one in four Australian mortgage holders find it difficult to meet their monthly repayments

  • Home loan apathy for 33% of Australians by Miklos Bolza

    One third of mortgage holders are failing to even put in the effort to shop around and seek a better deal on their home loan