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Grow, Adapt, Evolve

This week on Australian Broker TV, we caught up with FAST CEO Brendan Wright at their Sydney PD day to find out their plans for their brokers looking forward. 

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  On this week’s Australian Broker TV we visited Fast, CEO Brendan Wright at their Sydney PD day to find out what the group is concentrating on going forward.

Brendan Wright, CEO, Fast
Brendan Wright:
 Momentum is what’s happening at Fast, so significant momentum in Fast and this is off the back of brokers being successful in their businesses.  So we are seeing phenomenal growth, this opportunity to diverse and adapt is what we are keen to do at Fast.  So not just the traditional home loan commercial opportunity or asset finance piece.  Insurance is also the opportunity for Fast brokers to partner up with a financial planner.  They are type of things we are helping Fast brokers do to grow and adapt their business.

Reporter:  Wright feels personal development days are vital to aid brokers growth and development, whilst urging to take advantage of opportunities in the market.
Brendan Wright:  So the professional development days at Fast are an opportunity for Fast brokers to get together.  We do them around the country two times a year.  We cover off ways that brokers can evolve and adapt their business.  So for example we have Amanda Stevens speaking today around how to grow your business from a retailing perspective.  So how to make the most of your client base in getting to know your customer.  They are the type of things we like to do to help brokers adapt and evolve and be successful in their businesses.  Well broadly across the industry is important because they help build and develop the capability of brokers, keeps them informed in the opportunities that they might have and particularly for Fast brokers, for us it’s across residential, commercial and asset finance.  So we are seeing an enormous opportunity not only in the mortgage space but beyond that in commercial and asset finance for brokers to meet the needs of business owners.  It’s quite commonly known in the marketplace that circa around 50% of mortgages get written through third party.  There is a similar trend unfolding in commercial and asset finance and that is around business owners are looking for financial professionals, particularly brokers to help them not only meet their business needs, but also their home purchase or home investments needs as well.