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How to stay on top of your game with tech

Phil Quin-Conroy of PLAN Australia tells Australian Broker how brokers must maximise and maintain their social media presence, as well as embrace other technologies, to stay on top of their game.

Video transcript below:

Phil Quin-Conroy, Plan, Australia
Phil Quin-Conroy:
 We believe technology is vitally important, we have invested heavily in Plan and Strategy’s Technology platform podium 2.0.  We think technology can be a game changer.  Technology and the impact is evolving and the focus of technology is evolving as well.

Reporter:  Technology is no doubt a huge part of the future of many industries, with broking being no exception.  But as Phil Quin- Conroy of Plan explains, the focus has already shifted and the future is upon us.

Phil Quin-Conroy:  For me a classic example of that is some research that Gartner released recently, talking about CMOs, so Chief Marketing Officers spending more money on technology than CIOs, Chief Information Officers.  So we are seeing a real shift in the focus of technology from back office efficiency to the customer.  

Reporter:  Quin-Conroy says there are three big trends happening in business technology right now.

Phil Quin-Conroy:  So if I think about the big three trends happening in technology, for me they are cloud, social and mobile.  We have really embraced cloud technology in the benefits that that can bring to the table.  So brokers can get for example a lead via their smartphone now, with information to connect with the customer straightaway.  When they go and see that customer it might be 15 minutes after receiving a lead, you know when they are out of the office on their smartphone, they can have a conversation with a customer, log in to the podium tablet app on their ipad for example, do some quick modelling with that customer, demonstrate to that customer some of the benefits that they can bring to the table, how long you know their loan is going to last for, what the repayments are going to look like etc. etc.

Reporter:  Quin-Conroy finally emphasises the importance of a technology strategy and of keeping up the relevance of your online presence.  

Phil Quin-Conroy:  My advice to brokers is to have a technology strategy, 20% of users of social media are using it for product and service research.  So if you are ignoring what’s happening in the social space you are going to potentially get blindsided by a major trend that’s occurring.  One area where I think we are a little bit behind is ensuring that brokers websites and majority of brokers have got websites and they are great websites, but they might have been developed a number of years ago.  Research out of the states suggests that 9 out of the 10 SME websites aren’t mobile compatible.  They haven’t been developed using the modern responsive design.  So a broker might have a fantastic website, typically a prospective customer will be searching for information on that broker on their smartphone and typically it won’t be compatible.