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Invest in yourself to better service customers

Kieran Evans of ANZ explains why he feels brokers must pursue further education around financial services.

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  In a competitive marketplace, Kieron Evans of ANZ urges brokers to invest in themselves continuing their education in order to better service customers.

Keiron Evans, Head of Third Party Relationship Channels, ANZ
Keiron Evans:
 ANZ’s focus is to continue growing this channel.  So ANZ has just recorded its [7/9th] consecutive quarter of above system growth in home loans and the broker channel is absolutely integral to our success with that.  Some example of what we are doing to continue in this growth phase is we’ve increased our BDM workforce by 35%.  So brokers will now see that they are getting a lot more attention from their BDMs on the ground, a lot more focus on training, a lot more focus on helping the brokers help their customers.  The customers want to deal with brokers, we are seeing that more and more.  Almost 50% of customers are using brokers for their services and I just think there is a great opportunity there for brokers to learn more of the whole financial solution the customers are looking for, not just for the home loan components.  So there is great opportunity there for brokers to invest in themselves and you know provide better outcomes for their customers.  

Reporter:  Looking ahead to the MFAA Conference this week, Evans says their BDMs will be focused on discussing their differentiated products.  

Kieron Evans:  Really looking forward to catching with all of the brokers at MFAA, it’s a great time when the whole industry comes together.  This year our BDMs will be focusing on talking about some of the differentiated products that ANZ has got.  So our guarantor policy is something that brokers I am sure be interested in, because it gives great opportunities to service customers.  So that’s the guarantor policy is one that I would like to stress, the other one is our self employed income declaration.  So you know we only require one year’s financial statements for self employed people to get their home loans.  So they are a couple of, they are just a couple of examples of the items that our BDMs will be talking to brokers about.  So again really distinguishing what makes ANZ different in the marketplace and what makes ANZ different for customers.