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Josh Bartlett of Loan Market bags 'Australian Young Gun of the Year'

Josh Bartlett of Loan Market bagged 'Australian Young Gun of the Year' at last year's Australian Mortgage Awards. We caught up with Josh for his reaction and his takes on the future of the industry.

Video transcript below:

Josh Bartlett, Loan Market
Josh Bartlett:
 Just recognition that all the hard work and it’s good to show your referrers, that “hey, I am good at what I do.  I think it’s all about in your blood, to be honest.  Like if you look around, like when I started 16 – 17 months ago, I looked around and not to the rude, but there is a lot of older people and there are a lot of people have a nice little trail that’s going along, so I guess they start slowing down their activity, so I probably saw that as a bit of a bonus, jumping into the industry and working hard, rich rewards and this industry you can reap the rewards, but it is all about doing all the right things all the time.  But under the right guidance, under the right people, I think you know it’s definitely, definitely doable.