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Managing change for success

On this week's Australian Broker TV, John Kolenda tells us how appropriate change management during their acquisition of LoanKit set them in good stead for an productive 2014.

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  Finsure’s acquisition of Loankit last year was much publicised.  So we caught up with John Kolenda to talk about the practicalities of the merger on an employee level.

John Kolenda, MD, Finsure
John Kolenda:
 Prior to settlement, we really worked hard to make all of our brokers feel part of the team.  We held joint PD days and training days and we wanted all of our brokers to mix together.  We felt it was very important that they got to know one another and felt part of a bigger team.  We also took a lot of time and effort to make sure that they really felt valued and that their relationship was important at an individual level and that they knew that they had people there behind the scenes and they can help them.

Reporter:  Finsure had great successes in the following months, leaving Kolenda optimistic for the year ahead.  

John Kolenda:  With, we actually had very strong months hitting record settlements for both November and December and we are really upbeat about what’s going to happen for 2014, because we feel that we’ve got a very exciting group and a wonderful team of brokers.  So we are very excited with our prospects.

Reporter:  On the subject of further acquisitions, Kolenda says although interested in further expansion, Finsure are conscious to do it in the right way.

John Kolenda:  We are actively looking in the marketplace for you know any opportunities that come up for aggregation, we are even looking at acquiring businesses in the financial planning space.  So yeah we will always keep our eyes and ears to the ground, looking for those opportunities, but equally we are very focused on growing organically which we have had a lot of traction and success with and so you know it’s definitely on the cards.