• Who needs broking? I’ve got Chilli Jam by BN

    Brokers have been absolutely decimated in overseas markets by the financial crisis, but one broker has found a hot substitue - Chillli Jam

  • Land sales on 'long climb' to recovery by Adam Smith

    Home building may be on a downward trajectory, but a rise in land sales could portend better days ahead for the sector

  • 'Three pronged attack' required to boost building by Adam Smith

    The HIA has claimed the gloom hanging over home building looks set to continue, and has called for a "three pronged attack" to address the sector's woes

  • Ohai, Oh hell! by BN

    Insider is always one to look for any sign of greener grass growing somewhere, anywhere around the world, and the greenest grass is in Ohai, New Zealand

  • Maybe the moon? by BN

    Further to Insider’s ‘grass is greener’ tendencies (see Ohai, above), a recent browse of the internet found plots of land for sale in the most unlikely of places – the moon

  • Last chance to Ride the Lightning by BN

    Ageing, increasingly dowdy-looking rockers Metallica have brought forward a series of gigs in Europe to try to beat out an impending global economic collapse