Breaking news

  • RAMS one month behind on deals by BN

    The mortgage processing crisis currently crippling brokers appears to be getting worse after a RAMS BDM revealed they are a full month behind on assessing deals.

  • Brokers hold the key to trail payments: St George by BN

    St George Bank has sent out a lucid message to brokers - the future of trail payments is in their hands.

  • Lifestyle_ brand canned by BN

    Insurance giant Tower has dropped its face-to-face Lifestyle_ brand, in preference for a phone-based model.

  • CBA clears up processing backlog by BN

    Brokers have been urged to check the status of their CBA loans, after the lender hosted a 'Backlog Blitz' to process 3,121 files over the weekend.

  • BankWest cuts 400 jobs by BN

    BankWest has blamed the rapidly deteriorating economy for its decision to slash 400 staff from its workforce.

  • NSW cracks down on fire-sale laws by BN

    Coming to the rescue of defaulting homeowners, the NSW government has sprung a proposal for tighter fire-sale legislation.