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  • First homebuyers need to be prudent: Fujitsu by Adam Smith

    Although overall mortgage stress has significantly dropped in March, the latest Fujitsu Consulting Mortgage Stress-O-Meter cautioned first time buyers to exercise caution when entering the market.

  • BankWest cuts 400 jobs by BN

    BankWest has blamed the rapidly deteriorating economy for its decision to slash 400 staff from its workforce.

  • NSW cracks down on fire-sale laws by BN

    Coming to the rescue of defaulting homeowners, the NSW government has sprung a proposal for tighter fire-sale legislation.

  • $10bn book: Smartline, Mortgage Force to merge by BN

    A 220-strong franchise group with over 100,000 clients and a loan book of more than $10bn will be created when Smartline and Mortgage Force merge on 1 July.

  • Forsyth: Govn't should limit credit restrictions by BN

    As banks tighten lending credit criteria in an effort to safeguard themselves from risk, Firstfolio chief said the government needs to step in if it wants to see momentum return to the market.

  • MFAA president: Further cuts "inappropriate" by

    President of the MFAA, James Symond, has warned the banks that any further changes to commissions would be inappropriate and could kill off the industry.