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  • Lobbying better from ‘inside the tent’: MFAA by Mackenzie McCarty

    MFAA CEO Phil Naylor has outlined the association’s lobbying record, saying that it has aimed to stay ‘inside the tent’ to influence outcomes rather than ‘throwing rocks’ at regulators.

  • MFAA explains Diploma extension by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA yesterday announced that it would postpone the deadline for the completion of the Diploma, due to a 'massive backlog' in processing last-minute enrolments.

  • Compliance not that bad, say brokers by BN

    Australian Broker's online readers say that getting their compliance documentation right is not the headache that others in the industry have claimed that it is

  • Regional's FHB grab comes at a risk by Adam Smith

    A regional lender is outdoing three of the four majors for share of the first homebuyer market, but could be increasing the risk profile of their portfolio

  • Non-banks fight to compete on fixed rates by Adam Smith

    A non-bank head has claimed that the sector has often been uncompetitive on fixed rates as two mortgage managers move to undercut the majors

  • Apple, Google and an Aussie bank: World's most valuable brands named by Adam Smith

    A global report has ranked one of the Big Four as the only Aussie company on the list of the world's 100 most valuable brands