AB issue 13.14

by 25 Jul 2016
COVER: Ren Wong
The CEO of n1 Loans tells Australian Broker why a ‘one-stop shop’ strategy is the way forward, and why brokers shouldn’t hold back when it comes to embracing new technology 

Industry spotlight: Sealing the deal
Six non-banks explain how they managed to find a solution for client dilemmas through specialist loans

Business profile: Supporting success
Home Loan Connexion’s Tracy Kearey on why it’s so important to support the brokers in your business and how they are making a difference in the mortgage market

Market talk: Property equals profit
CoreLogic’s latest report revealed that one third of homes were sold for more than double their purchase price in the March quarter

Analysis: Foreign investment fallout
What lenders’ tightened credit and new state government tax surcharges mean for the property market

Business strategy: The habits of high-performing teams
Five critical moves that can drive high performance in teams and redefine leadership

People: Women with cents
Natasha Janssens on her new financial education platform for women, Women with Cents, and why money management should be taught in schools