Finsure crowned best aggregator

by AB16 Nov 2017
Finsure’s holistic solutions for brokers, exemplary service and leading member support programs net it a big win at the AMAs. 

Just six years ago Finsure was a new name in the industry with not even one broker on board. Now it boasts a network of 1,300 and is officially at the top of its game, winning the Aggregator of the Year award (over 500 brokers) against some veteran industry players at the 2017 Australian Mortgage Awards.

“When Finsure was announced as the winner against some fantastic competition it was just an incredibly proud moment,” says Simon Bednar, Finsure’s general manager of sales, who accepted the award at the gala on 27 October. “This is an amazing achievement for the company, especially considering it has only been six years since we started.”

Bednar says the award – the first win for the company at the AMAs after being nominated twice before – is “the pinnacle for our industry” and is a credit to all of Finsure’s staff and broker partners.

Finsure managing director John Kolenda called the recognition from the industry a “major landmark for the company”.

“The ability of the company to increase its growth rate has been a tribute to the talented and hard-working team at Finsure as well as our amazing broker partners.

“While thrilled with our achievements, we are determined to keep growing and continue our amazing journey,” he said.

Finsure’s rapid expansion to 1,300 members, the latest 300 of whom were recruited in less than a year, is attributed to the aggregator’s ability to provide market-leading holistic solutions to brokers, and leading member support programs. Its above-and-beyond service to brokers’ businesses ensures strong retention. As a result, the group expects to have more than 1,500 brokers by the end of 2018 and a $30bn loan book.

Brokers want to partner with an aggregator that will support them effectively and help them develop all aspects of their business, not just grow their loan book, and that will continue to invest and add value to their proposition, Bednar says.

“A good aggregator can make every difference to a broker’s business. We see ourselves as a business partner in every single one of our brokers’ businesses. Across our organisation, we dedicate ourselves to servicing our broker partners in the same way an exemplary broker would service their clients,” he says.

From left: Ray Esho, ING national sales manager and award presenter, and Simon Bednar, Finsure general manager of sales

“The ability of the company to increase its growth rate has been a tribute to the talented and hard-working team at Finsure as well as our amazing broker partners” John Kolenda, managing director, Finsure

Finsure offers a range of in-house services to meet brokers’ diverse business needs and that will assist them in growing their volumes.

Those services include a simple, intuitive proprietary CRM to help brokers save time, effort and money to prioritise the customer journey; lead generation in their local area; outbound call centre services; a range of website templates for brokers to design their own branded websites, which Finsure will host; legal and taxation services; recruitment services to find ideal candidates for brokers’ businesses; multi-vertical sales options to facilitate additional revenue opportunities; training and mentoring services, including its 24-month broker academy to train new entrants; annual business planning and sales coaching.

“Rapid changes in technology and a vastly different regulatory landscape have resulted in brokers requiring their aggregator to specialise in more areas. We are intent on building a complete business-to-business solution that will help our business partners stay ahead of the game,” Bednar says.

“Every division within the group understands its role is to help our brokers with their business, and any solution they need we will be there to assist them.”