Hot Seat: Brenden Lowbridge

by 28 Mar 2018

From setting up his own business to training for his first marathon all within a year 

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a broker?
I have always loved property, in particular wealth creation through property investment. Straight out of high school I worked for one year in property sales for a large private developer, then the GFC hit and it was time to look for a new career path. I decided I was better suited to broking. I liked the professional aspect, the advisory, the numbers and, more than anything, continuing to work with people. So I started a traineeship and enrolled in finance at university. The plan was that after graduation I could decide whether or not to take a bank job.

When I actually finished university I decided to stay in the industry I had grown to love. The logic was also that I would still get to work within the property industry, however I would get my weekends back. That assumption was 90% right.

Q: What do you expect will be the biggest challenges for brokers in 2018?
I believe continual changes in lending policy and serviceability constraints for multiple property portfolio investors will mean more time spent navigating where to place loans, as well as more time to approve. On the upside, electronic documents and instant bank transfers will speed up the post-approval side of the process.

Q: What's one thing you are looking to improve on this year, personally or professionally?
As a non-runner who has signed up for a marathon this year, I would have to say my running ability. I also plan to expand my team by outsourcing selected taskes in order to focus on the things that I am good at and enjoy, for example, strategy conversations with customers.

Q: What's one memorable experience you've had as a broker recently?
Not so long ago I took the decision to work for myself. During the process of making that decision I had self-doubt and fear and often thought, "What if the clients top coming in?" I took the leap and it's ben the busiest six months of my career to date. It's amazing what happens when you back yourself.

Q: What's the best thing you've seen, heard or read recently?
Drake. He played three dates in Sydney at the end of last year.