In the hot seat: Sunil Kumar

by Antony Field24 Aug 2021

Successful migrant Sunil Kumar is the award-winning founder and CEO of Reliance Real Estate, one of Australia’s fastest-growing real estate firms. The author of From the Ground Up: 7 Principles for Building a Business Fast, also owns brokerage Funding Force.

Q: You started Reliance Real Estate in 2011 and have built it up to be a large award-winning agency. What’s the secret to your success?
Time and discipline. If you’re disciplined and aim to serve your team/client well, you will reach a pinnacle of success. I started Reliance with long-term success in mind, to find the right people willing to walk the path with me. This philosophy became the basis of everything I did. I strived to look after my team. It’s important that everyone feels valued, heard, and in an uplifting environment. We provide an excellent experience to our team, with the best training, from onboarding to leadership training and opportunities to grow.  

Q: What motivated you to start up a brokerage in 2014?
It was a natural progression and driven by demand from our clients. We were referring our clients to finance services, and they were not getting a good experience. We also recognised a unique opportunity. We started Funding Force to provide a better platform to our agents and an excellent financial service to our clients. Innovative, savvy brokers with outstanding long-term client relationships means higher traffic and visibility for both brands.  

Q: How well do the two businesses work together?
Funding Force is a major strength for Reliance; it understands the entire buying process and provides an experienced, qualified service. It allows us to be with the client at every step, from presenting a property to providing finance approval. We wanted our clients to have access to a wide range of lenders and the highest possible buying power. There is an excellent level of bonding between our agents and brokers. All our brokers are qualified to conduct open-for-inspections, which highly benefits our vendors and buyers alike.   

Q: How important is it to you to inspire other migrants who are striving to make a new life for themselves in Australia?
: Australia is a place where, if you are willing to be dedicated, driven, passionate and inspired, you will find a greater level of success in any fi eld. I believe immigrants should not look for shortcut methods but rather choose the right path to long-term success. If the books I write or the work I do helps lead others to a brighter life, or if I can inspire migrants, then there is no higher purpose for me.  

Q: You have just released a book with tips for building a new business quickly. What’s one piece of advice you would give new brokers?
Never stop working towards being the best of the best. You need to always be learning, evolving, training, innovating, expanding and working with your teams and your community. There is enormous value in being the top specialist in your field. It’s a very rewarding position, so make sure you’re always training to be the best, whilst keeping your clients’ interest first above all.