AB Social: Brokers say APRA's moves haven't hurt clients

by AB02 Oct 2015
Australian Broker's LinkedIn group asked this week if brokers had noticed a change in investment demand following APRA's crackdown.

In a broker poll, LinkedIn group members were asked if they had  experienced an increase in demand for commercial property investment in the wake of APRA's crackdown on residential property investment.

One group member said there had been an upswing in demand, but was hesitant to attribute it to APRA's moves.

"Yes I have seen a recent increase in commercial enquiries; however, I am not sure its because of the APRA crackdown. I feel its more about businesses securing premises instead of paying rent, clients buying property through super and more investors diversifying their investment portfolio."

Another said her clients were unfazed by APRA's crackdown.

"Most of my clients who are investors have not let the APRA changes bother them that much and are continuing ahead with their investment strategy. Should this include a commercial purchase all depends on if they are looking to diversify."

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