NextGen.Net Smart Solutions pledge delivers new ApplyOnline App

by 30 Mar 2016
The development of an ‘ApplyOnline App’ was tabled to senior industry executives late last year as part of NextGen.Net’s pledge to deliver “Smarter Solutions for now… and what’s next”. The response was one of overwhelming support from brokers and lenders alike, and a question of “how soon can we have this?”

NextGen.Net has now delivered on their promise with the ApplyOnline App launched in early March. With the objective of supporting brokers on the go, the App provides visibility to the broker of their entire application pipeline.

“The App has been really well received by the industry,” declares NextGen.Net Sales Director Tony Carn. “We piloted the App for three months before its recent launch and the response has been a unanimous ‘thumbs-up’, and the mortgage industry can rest assured that the vast majority or brokers are definitely tech-savvy.”

NextGen.Net’s reputation rides on its smart solutions mission statement, and a commitment to providing innovative technological advancements and services
that drive efficiencies and reduce costs for brokers and lenders.

The current method of SMS messaging for status updates of loans is generally deemed unsatisfactory because it provides limited information to the broker. The unveiling of the ApplyOnline App will render the need for SMS messaging obsolete.

The ApplyOnline App provides brokers with a consolidated, comprehensive view of their entire loan pipelines, across all ApplyOnline lenders with whom they deal. Designed for brokers on the move, the App gives one-tap access to a broker’s business.

Carn refers to it as “essentially a visibility tool”, a “new service that’s part of the ApplyOnline offering”.

It allows brokers to register all logins to the one mobile device so they see their entire portfolio. The ApplyOnline App retrieves live data from ApplyOnline and also provides a live feed of all status updates for loans.

Brokers can ‘favourite’ an application from the ‘Loan Portfolio’ or ‘Activity Timeline’ screens, simply by tapping on the ‘star’ next to the application.

“Brokers and lenders are both seeing the benefits”, says Carn. “Besides looking slick, it’s got some great features; I show people at BBQs and it clearly demonstrates I am a cutting edge member of the fintech revolution.”

“The first version of the App empowers brokers to keep an up-to the- second eye on their pipeline through their mobile device 24 hours a day, which in turn serves lenders who traditionally have needed to accommodate a high level of traffic from brokers making inquiries about the status of loans.

“It also eliminates the need for brokers to chase after the status of a loan because they receive a ‘push’ notification as soon as an update occurs. Plus they can filter it via customer or loan types.”

Carn reveals that the App will be constantly evolving and that version 1.5 is already underway and soon to be released. “We’ve got some really exciting enhancements coming up in the near future, one of which will enable brokers to use their mobile device to photograph and upload customer documents,” he says.

Carn maintains that NextGen.Net will continue to progressively roll out new features on the ApplyOnline App, forging ahead with delivering smart solutions for brokers and lenders.