5 ways you can give back right now

Our favourite ideas for spreading positivity while still practicing responsible social distancing

5 ways you can give back right now


By Madison Utley

Taking action to look after others is one of the best ways to combat the fear and anxiety which can so easily rear up in this era ruled by constant talk of coronavirus. Giving back to others in need helps reorient our perspective, reminding us that we’re not alone in our struggles and helping us to focus on what can be done to help rather than what’s too big to be changed.

Below, we list some of our favourite ways to do this, even while respecting the recommended social distancing measures

1- Donate food  

What better way to answer the panic and stockpiling wreaking havoc across the country than going out of your way to give up what you don’t need?

Whether sorting through your cabinets for any non-perishables that have been hiding in the back for weeks without being used or going to the store to intentionally stock up for others, your local food bank would surely appreciate the gift in these trying times.

2- Donate blood

Blood donation centres across Australia have issued pleas for help, highlighting the need for blood as countless drives have been cancelled and people have stayed away from their premises due to fear of catching the virus.

The Australian Red Cross has assured Australians their many locations are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and that they’re doing their best to make sure donors are at least 1.5 metres away from all other donors.

More information can be found here.

3- Write letters to nursing homes inhabitants

While many nursing homes have necessarily banned all visitors for the protection of their residents, senior citizens living in retirement communities have communicated feelings of intense loneliness. This project invites people to send letters from around the world to be distributed to the elderly, bringing comfort and joy to those living in senior communities – a fun project especially for those brainstorming creative ways to keep their school-aged children entertained at home.

4- Order takeaway for healthcare workers

This is a three-for-one. Order food from a local business to be delivered to healthcare workers and first responders in your area, as they work tirelessly to combat the spread of coronavirus and care for the infected. Contact your local hospital to see what would most benefit the staff, and then enlist the aid of a food delivery service to get it there – bonus points if you tip the delivery person who is willing to risk their health to keep the local economy moving.

5- Foster a pet

With many people out of work and worried about finances, shelters are reporting an influx of surrendered pets. For those working from home and going a bit stir crazy with the solitude and uninterrupted expanses of time, adopting or fostering a pet could be the perfect way to infuse your days of social isolating with some much-needed excitement and do a good deed while you’re at it.

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