A 1st Street glance at the industry outlook

by AB31 Oct 2013

In the wake of their ‘Best Customer Service from an Individual Office’ win at the recent Australian Mortgage Awards, BrokerTV caught up with Mardee Thomas and Cliff Ferrer of 1st Street Home Loans for their outlook on the industry over the next twelve months. 

“There are quite a few challenges facing the industry,” says Ferrer. “One of the biggest ones that comes to mind is the online threat. As you’re aware, there’s a presence of providers that basically bypass the broker channel and I think that’s the way the world is headed…in a lot of different industries; more towards online.”

Thomas, however, believes the biggest hurdle facing the broking industry right now is the much-discussed lack of young talent.

“I think maybe the main problem out there at the moment is, given that we’re an aging…industry…is attracting new talent into the industry. So hopefully that can change going forward with some new recruitment policies maybe out there.”

To view the full interview with Ferrer and Thomas, CLICK HERE.


  • by MS 31/10/2013 9:36:02 PM

    Mardee is one of the most professional and personable people I have ever met in 30 plus years in the finance industry and it is no surprise that 1st Street won this award given the standard she, Jeremy and Clair have set!