A bright future for brokers at Jim's

Huge recruitment drive as brokers "are becoming a far more important part of the public's life"

A bright future for brokers at Jim's


By Rebecca Pike

The divisional head at Jim’s Financial Services has said “the future for brokers in Australia is really bright”.

The group is currently on a recruitment drive for brokers to join them in New South Wales and Queensland.

Despite the recent scrutiny over the industry Tony Gale is confident that with the right philosophies and attitude to customer service brokers will continue to be important.

Jim’s Financial Services is just one of over 50 divisions under the Jim’s Group brand. Other services range from real estate and pool care to computer services and dog grooming.

The finance side of the group covers home loans, vehicle finance and small business equipment finance.

Gale said it is this kind of diversity that sets them apart from other franchise models. Jim’s Financial Services is also the preferred provider for all types of finance to every other franchise under the Jim’s Group.

Gale said, “I think that the future for brokers in Australia is really bright. I think as banks become much larger conglomerates, brokers are becoming a far more important part of the public’s life. We tell our franchisees they need to be like the old bank manager was. Play that role, fixing people’s lives the same way the old bank manager did.

“We feel that that’s where we’re heading and in terms of rolling that out across Australia as a philosophy, that is the direction we want to head in.

“We’re really a one stop shop. I know that’s a common term, but our whole approach is to have one customer and look after all of their financial needs.”

Talking about the use of FinTech and competing with groups who are relying more and more on technology, Gale said the approach at Jim’s was more customer focused.

He added, “I think there is a possibility the whole apply online situation will become an important part of how applications are managed and handled, but I don’t think you can replace good old fashioned communication between two people sitting down and talking through a person’s personal financial situation.

“Computers just don’t have the ability or the empathy required to do that. That’s our approach. The Jim’s brand really resonates with middle class Australia. Every day we’re talking to people that really do need a lot of help with their financial situation and that’s our role, to help educate customers.”


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