AFG members combine conference with orphanage visit

by BN23 Sep 2009

While the mortgage industry has lost a step or two in the last 18 months, sometimes it's better to focus on how much there's left to give.

Delegation members of the AFG SMART escape conference in Cambodia did just that in early September where they combined conferencing with visits to Angkor Wat and a local orphanage.

The three-day conference held in Siem Reap brought together 185 members, sponsors and AFG staff.

In addition to touring the local temples and attending conference events, attendees visited the Sangkheum Centre for Children.

The centre, which has been operating since 2001, provides education, training, scholastic support and care to disadvantaged children and youth.

About 350 children pass through the centre every day (with 65 living there on a fulltime basis) and the organisation's aim is to provide a brighter future for orphaned, abused and neglected children who would otherwise be at risk of turning to a life on the streets. 

AFG donated 85 bikes and helmets and members, sponsors and AFG staff spent a morning with the children putting the bikes together.

AFG and individual members donated a further USD $8,000 to help fund the centre's operation.