Aggregator launches podcast series

by Madison Utley15 May 2020

An aggregator has announced the launch of its new, diversity-focused podcast series named ‘Adjust the Contrast’.

According to FAST CEO Brendan Wright, the case for diversity has “never been stronger” than now, as the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing business leaders, owners and professionals to adapt their business models and approaches.  

“The Adjust the Contrast series is all about demonstrating how diversity can protect businesses from risk, but also how it can also create opportunity,” Wright explained.

“Creating a culture that enables diverse thinking, knowledge and capability across the team can really help differentiate businesses so they stand out, particularly in a service-led industry.”

The six-episode series is hosted by Australian lawyer, TV presenter, author, and 2010 MasterChef winner Adam Liaw, and explores topics such as what can be learned about diversity from nature and society, as well as how we can apply diversity in the workplace and turn it into opportunity.

Each episode will discuss and debate the viewpoint of three different experts, ranging from the professional, economic, scientific, regulatory and sports fields.

“Diversity needs to be at the heart of every conversation, every thought process and every decision-making process for it to be effective, and eventually become second-nature,” said Wright.

“It isn’t a one-size-fits all solution, but an ongoing mindset that starts with the leader and goes all the way across the business.”

The release of the Adjust the Contrast podcast builds on the aggregator’s existing diversity and inclusion initiatives such as the FAST Women in Business series, which aims to encourage female business leaders in the traditionally male-dominated finance industry.

“At FAST, we’ve always believed in strength through diversity and have fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion. The results have shown greater productivity, more innovation, high employee engagement, customer advocacy and sustainable business growth,” Wright said.

FAST’s new podcast series is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.