Aggregator partners with buyers' agency

by Julia Corderoy25 May 2016
National aggregator eChoice has partnered with a major buyers’ agency in a move it says will help their clients provide a more holistic service.

The aggregator says the corporate partnership with Cohen Handler will enable brokers to offer clients the expertise of an experienced industry specialist to assist in purchasing their property.

“This will allow brokers to offer aspiring homeowners and investors who already have loan pre-approval the chance to have the necessary support to get a step ahead of the buying competition in the Australian property market,” eChoice general manager of aggregation, Blake Buchanan, said.

According to Buchanan, it can often take borrowers 6-10 months to find a property after being approved. However, this partnership can potentially reduce that property search time to 2-8 weeks.

“Buyers who have applied for a loan and have been actively looking for a property for 60 days or more will be immediately connected to a Cohen Handler buyers’ agent to help progress their search. 

“So for both the broker and client, this is a significant value proposition at a time when it’s most needed.”

Jeremy Bedwani, general manager of corporate at Cohen Handler said the partnership will help thousands of Australians achieve their dream of home ownership sooner.

“This collaboration is based on a mutual commitment and willingness to continue innovating and creating new ways to help customers find the right property sooner.”


  • by Oscar 25/05/2016 9:10:14 AM

    Interesting concept given a buyers agent doesn't work for free. It then poses the question of "who is covering their cost" is it eChoice or the unsuspecting borrower.
    Clearly there are and should be investigated and reported further on the disclosure issues with this process. What is the buyers agent getting, who are they sourcing their properties from, what incentives or kickbacks are being given to eChoice?
    Looks to be a definite case of buyer beware.