Aggregator sees massive rise in broker numbers

by Adam Smith16 Oct 2014
A leading aggregator has revealed a massive rise in its broker numbers, as well as strong growth in its settlements.

Speaking to the Connective annual conference in Fiji, Connective principal Mark Haron told attendees the group had added more than 500 new brokers in the past year. He said the growth had come both from the aggregator’s own marketing efforts and through the company’s existing brokers.

“There’s been a great effort from our sales team and our marketing team to get out there and explain the benefits of being with Connective. A lot of brokers are saying, ‘Yep, we get that’. We’re also seeing you guys grow your businesses and recruit brokers as well,” Haron said.

Haron said the company has also seen “tremendous volume growth” in its settlements. He pointed to data showing Connective’s August settlements up 33% on August 2013 numbers.

“These are settlements, not applications and not processed loans. They’re actual settlements. Money that has gone into the bank and commissions have been paid on. That’s what we like to count,” Haron said.

Haron put the growth in settlements down not only to the rise in broker numbers, but also to strong efforts on the part of the company’s existing brokers.

“We know it’s not just through new brokers coming on board. We know it’s through you guys growing your business.”



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