Aggregator unveils purpose-built CRM software

by Julia Corderoy27 May 2016

Challenger aggregator My Local Broker (MLB) has unveiled its purpose-built CRM software, Chief.

Chief — created in collaboration with MLB’s business partner, Base CRM, in San Francisco — was created to be fully digital, intuitive and simple. 

Integrating NextGen.Net’s ApplyOnline platform, MLB says Chief allows the entire home loan application to be digitally completed.

But unlike other CRM software which utilises NextGen’s technology, MLB CEO Jaci Smith said Chief has been purpose-built to work in sync with this technology.

“The main complaint [from brokers] was around the amount of double handling of data and data loss that happens when applications are submitted to NextGen. These pain-points are very common and are very real for many of our competitors’ products,” she told Australian Broker

However, the real difference of Chief, according to Smith, is the document collaboration technology that lets both brokers and clients contribute to the application in real time, without any data drop out.

“Transparency around the process, form data and documents means that there is less confusion, less double-handling, more clarity and automation around where things are at for both parties.”

Chief has also applied the same serviceability algorithms employed by lenders.

“It's about accuracy,” Smith told Australian Broker.

“When applicants can clearly afford to service the amount they're hoping to borrow, this isn't an issue. For applicants which are wanting to stretch themselves for a new purchase, this can be touch and go. Given the formulas can differ for each lender, or even products, it could be the difference between whether the deal can happen or not, from a consumer perspective.”

Chief will be officially launched to MLB brokers soon.