Aggregator's 'world-class' software seals the deal for top brokerage

by Julia Corderoy03 Feb 2015
After almost 30 years of dealing directly with lenders, an award-winning brokerage has joined its first aggregator, saying the “world-class” software platform was what won it over.

Bernie Lewis Home Loans, a three-time MFAA Excellence Award winner for Mortgage Business of the Year, has joined Choice Aggregation Services after dealing directly with banks since it opened in 1987.

Bernie Lewis’ managing director, Mark Lewis said Choice’s “world-class” CRM software – SalesForce – was a major reason behind the decision to join Choice. 

“Our partnership with Choice Aggregation will allow us to better support clients by providing a more diverse panel of lenders, as well as helping to drive increased efficiencies in our business and improved delivery of customer service,” he said.

CEO of Choice Aggregation Services, Stephen Moore said the new partnership would align strongly with both businesses’ strategy for growth.

“We appreciate that this was a very well-considered decision by Bernie Lewis and are confident the support we provide through our award-winning technology platform, Podium 2.0, the flexibility of our full-service business model, and our comprehensive program of professional development and broker engagement, will allow Bernie Lewis to take their business to the next level in 2015 and beyond,” he said.

The new partnership caps off a strong 12 months for Choice, which achieved a 128% increase in volumes over the 2014 financial year. Moore says brokers shouldn't expect anything less from the aggregator in the coming year.

“We are committed to continuing to provide the kind of tailored support that saw our business model resonate so strongly in the market in 2014,” he said.

“Through partnering with brokers to improve and grow their individual businesses, we hope to be able to take on many more quality brokerages and members in the course of 2015.”


  • by Connective broker 3/02/2015 9:09:16 AM

    World class software? Ha! Someone didn't do their diligence. Podium isn't even in the same league as Mercury. I've used both extensively and can categorically say that Mercury is so much better than Podium that it's just not funny. Mark, mate, if software was the reason for joining an aggregator can I say you've made a massive blunder. You obviously didn't check out Connectives offering.

  • by Dave Robinson 3/02/2015 9:41:55 AM

    Connective Broker - Really. What about the product information or more importantly the lack of it in Mercury. Being able to provide complete, up to date product information is (in my humble opinion) far more important that being able to send someone an sms for their birthday....oh that's right I can't even do that with Mercury at the moment. Mercury may have won an award 4 years ago but in IT terms that's like 12 years ago. By the way has Mercury 5 made it out of it's 3 year beta testing yet? Mmm that's what I thought.

  • by New Connective Broker 3/02/2015 9:55:15 AM

    I have used both extensively as well, and while I am aggregated with Connective, Podium SH*** all over Mercury it as far functionality for loan comparison etc.
    Dave, I am with you on this one - Connective needs to get their act together when it comes to Mercury given it is a selling point of theirs.