ANZ promises market leading partnership with brokers

by Miklos Bolza23 Feb 2017
The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has said it wants to partner with aggregators to deliver strategic insights to the broker community.
Speaking at the MPA Major Banks Roundtable on Tuesday, Simone Tilley, general manager of retail broker distribution at ANZ, noted that the third party space was currently at a “pivotal” moment.
“There’s a tremendous amount of cultural change going on right now and education is at the forefront and centre of that change agenda.”
ANZ is hoping to partner with aggregators to understand the strategies used when permeating the marketplace, she said. In this way, the bank and aggregators can form a partnership which delivers a consistent, clear message to brokers.
“For the brokers, I think we need to start exchanging – from an ANZ perspective – more information so that we’re actually leading with insights.”
With brokers being small business owners, Tilley said she understands the difficulties brokers face when making strategic changes, optimising digital systems, and delivering energy to the customer at the same time.
She said she would really like ANZ to be remembered for how it delivered change in the industry.
“I’d love to look back and say ANZ really led the change. And not just change but the way in which we’ve partnered with the market and the way that we’ve collaborated with aggregators and brokers and genuinely been supportive.”
This agenda for change is prevalent within the bank as well, she added, saying that she is proud of the ANZ team and the sales culture within the organisation.
“This is a time where we need balance. We need to drive quantity and quality in unison and this is a real time where we slow down in order to go faster.”
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