ASIC ceases prosecution of Brisbane broker

by AB16 May 2017
ASIC notes the decision of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) to discontinue the prosecution of Ms Jenny Mao.

Ms Mao was charged with giving documents to a lender that were materially misleading (refer: 16-232MR). The prosecution had been listed for a summary trial in April 2017.

On 20 March 2017, the CDPP sought to adjourn the summary trial order to allow a key and overseas-based prosecution witness to attend to give evidence. The Court refused to adjourn the hearing. On 10 May 2017, the CDPP formally offered no evidence on the charge and the charge was dismissed by the Southport Magistrates' Court.


  • by Sally Field 16/05/2017 2:28:05 PM

    Ha! well she may have gotten away with her crimes, but connective and Westpac still have all her trail book. Girl Bye!!!

  • by Busted 16/05/2017 2:52:45 PM

    Her last aggregator was Finsure / Loankit not Connective and they no doubt would have retained her trail as well.

  • by Dave Robinson 16/05/2017 3:11:57 PM

    How would they keep it. If nothing was proved or owned up too then how would they keep the trail. They may have up until today but if I was here I would be asking for reinstatement and back pay.