Association offers brokers phone rebate

by Adam Smith20 Feb 2015
An industry association is offering brokers a rebate on their phone services.

The FBAA has said its members can get a rebate on their phone account equivalent to 20% of their annual FBAA membership fee by switching their current telecommunications provider to MOVOX, a company the association has formed a new alliance with.

MOVOX chief executive Rohan Doyle said the company's core service was voice over internet (VoIP), along with virtual PBX and mobile VoIP.

"Every call within the virtual PBX is free, and if you’ve got a mobile sales team, they can call head office and vice-versa for free from anywhere in the world using a mobile app," Doyle said.

FBAA CEO Peter White said the association's members could take part in a free telephone bill analysis to identify areas of savings and productivity improvements.

“If you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month using outdated technology, it might pay you to get MOVOX to run their eye over your telephone bill.”


  • by Real Broker 20/02/2015 10:55:51 AM

    Oh please is this the best FBAA has to offer, when MFAA is starting to get a real voice in our industry... Do we see Peter White travelling all over the country engaging with real brokers? Next they will be offer wine discounts to get members!

  • by Bryan 20/02/2015 11:13:21 AM

    And what commission is Peter White and/or the FBAA getting?

  • by Peter White - CEO FBAA 20/02/2015 11:22:17 AM

    @Real Broker - ignorance isn't bliss, be good if you actually stepped out from shadows and identified yourself as you obviously don't know what you are talking about (and possibly not even a broker) as I've been interstate engaging key industry stakeholders, our members, regulators and government weekly since mid-Jan and doesn't stop until around June.