Australian Broker announces 5-star mortgage innovators for 2022

Winners categorised based on employee size

Australian Broker announces 5-star mortgage innovators for 2022


By Roxanne Libatique

Technological innovations are one of the major silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic because they have made businesses easier, faster, more environmentally friendly, more family-focused, and more efficient in reducing repetitive work. Now, Australian Broker (AB) has identified this year’s 5-star mortgage innovators that have moved the Australian mortgage industry forward using their technology.

AB found Australia’s 5-star mortgage innovators for 2022 by inviting lenders, aggregators, brokerages, and service providers to submit a nomination, including the steps they had taken to introduce innovations in the mortgage industry, as well as new initiatives and results achieved in 2021. The AB team then came up with the list of winners after objectively assessing each entry for detailed information, true innovation, and proven success while benchmarking it against other entries.

The winners were split into four categories based on the number of employees: 500+ employees, 101-200 employees, 26-100 employees, and 10-25 employees. Some of the winners are:

Congratulations to all the winners! You may find out more about their success stories by clicking the links above, or find the rest of the winners by reading the AB 5-Star Mortgage Innovators 2022 report.

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