Australia's population increases by 2.5%

This driven largely by net overseas migration

Australia's population increases by 2.5%


By Mina Martin

Australia’s population soared to 26.8 million, with a 2.5% increase and an annual rise of 659,800 people, according to the latest ABS figures.

Migration leads the way

Beidar Cho, (pictured above), ABS head of demography, highlighted the substantial role of net overseas migration in this growth, accounting for 83% of the total increase, with natural increase accounting for the remaining 17%.

“Net overseas migration grew by 60% compared with the previous year, driven by an increase in overseas migration arrivals (up 34%), predominantly on a temporary visa for work or study,” Cho said in a media release.

During the year ending Sept. 30, net overseas migration reached 548,800 people, fuelled by 765,900 arrivals and 217,100 departures.

Births and deaths

The natural increase, though overshadowed by migration, still contributed significantly to the population growth. Australia registered 295,000 births against 183,900 deaths over the same period, culminating in a natural increase of 111,000 people, albeit 3.9% less than the previous year.

State-by-state population breakdown

The population growth wasn’t uniform across the country. Western Australia led the charge with a 3.3% population increase, followed closely by Victoria at 2.9% and Queensland at 2.7%. Tasmania, on the other hand, saw the smallest increase at just 0.3%, ABS reported.

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