Bad habits limit new lead generation

Brokers can be their own worst enemies when it comes to lead generation, says Broker Profits Vault founder, James Veigli



Lead generation may be the bread and butter of broking, but bad habits can mean brokers aren’t getting the best return for the time and money invested in lead generation, Broker Profits Vault founder, James Veigli, telss Broker TV.

“The biggest mistake, or probably the most dangerous number, in business is 'one': one source of leads, relying on one single source. So you want to use lots of different approaches, lots of different mediums and keep doing it consistently.”

Veigli says in designing a lead-generation strategy, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

“Your existing database is your gold mine, so making sure you’re consistently in front of your existing database – and that doesn’t necessarily mean sending a newsletter once a month. That means actually being in front of them and asking for repeat business. It’s not good just sort of putting yourself out there, you want to be able to generate repeat business and leads and referrals from that existing asset.”

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