Banker turned broker celebrates award win

Honour early in career boosts reputation

Banker turned broker celebrates award win


By Jayden Fennell

After switching roles, from commercial banker to broker, George Li is still basking in the glory of winning an award so early in his broking career.

The Sydney mortgage broker and director of Leading Financial Solutions won the Newcomer Award at the MFAA NSW/ACT State Excellence Awards on 23 June after joining the industry less than 18 months ago.

Li (pictured) said he was surprised and felt honoured to win.

“I know in this industry there are a lot of players that have been working very hard over the last 12 months,” Li said.

“By winning this award, it means I am responsible and need to play my part by bringing in skills that will help others that are considering joining this great industry. The win also gives me the motivation to continue working hard in the future.”

Li said the award win cements his reputation within the mortgage and finance industry.

“I am grateful that I can springboard my business and branding to the public, thanks to the MFAA,” he added.

Li was working as a commercial banker with NAB for 10 years before deciding to embark on a career as a broker by opening his own business in February 2021.

“In my previous role I was dealing with brokers on a daily basis and after many years as a banker, I decided I wanted to see what it would be like to work as a mortgage broker,” Li said.

“So, I decided to dive headfirst into it by studying for my diploma. I resigned from the bank and branched out into opening my own brokerage. Starting my own business was a challenge and it provides me with flexibility, which is something I treasure every day.”

Li said his banking experience in terms of policy, credit and networking were all invaluable skills which had helped him in his transition to the broking industry.

“These skills are great for personal development and have helped me to become the broker that I am today,” he said.

“My experience as a banker has given me insight into the industry and provides me the opportunity to see a deal from a different perspective. Also having commercial experience helps as there are a lot of small businesses out there which need help with funding.”

Li, who is of Chinese heritage, said diversity within the mortgage industry was growing.

“As Australia is considered a migrant country and according to the latest census data, more than 15% of Australian households were born overseas,” he said.

“From what I have seen in the mortgage and finance industry, there are more diverse people with different cultural backgrounds. Within my experience in this industry, I have seen a wider demographic work in mortgage and finance – each bringing new skills, knowledge, mindsets and experience.”

Li said diversity in the mortgage industry provided coherency.

“With insight from diverse members of our industry, we can all work together towards a well-rounded solution for all,” he concluded.

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