Banks stand ready to aid Cyclone Kirrily victims

Learn how banks can provide assistance

Banks stand ready to aid Cyclone Kirrily victims


By Jonalyn Cueto

Following the devastation wrought by Tropical Cyclone Kirrily in Queensland, the Australian Banking Association (ABA) has mobilized dedicated hardship teams to offer financial assistance to those affected. ABA CEO Anna Bligh emphasized the importance of reaching out to banks for support during these challenging times.

“With the second major cyclone in as many months followed by torrential rain, people in Queensland have been dealt yet another serious blow. I encourage anyone in need of financial assistance to reach out to their bank,” Bligh said.

Bligh highlighted the presence of experienced hardship teams within banks, equipped with practical solutions to aid individuals facing adversity. Depending on individual circumstances, banks can provide various forms of assistance, including deferring credit card payments, loan repayments, emergency credit limit increases, loan restructuring, and additional finance to mitigate cash flow shortages.

Acknowledging potential disruptions to banking services in affected areas, Bligh advised individuals to stay informed through bank websites and social media channels. She noted that the ABA website offers expedited access to emergency contact team numbers for swift assistance.

However, amidst the recovery efforts, the ABA remains vigilant against fraudulent activities targeting flood victims. Bligh cautioned against scammers who exploit natural disasters, exacerbating the hardships faced by affected individuals.

“Scammers have been known to take advantage of people impacted by natural disasters – making a difficult situation even worse,” Bligh said. She emphasized the importance of never disclosing banking information or passwords over the phone and encouraged immediate reporting of suspicious activity to banks.

Furthermore, Bligh alerted the public to the proliferation of fake fundraising sites, cautioning against fraudulent attempts to exploit charitable donations.

“Unfortunately, unscrupulous criminals will exploit the generosity of people trying to help those impacted by a natural disaster,” Bligh said.

To ensure the legitimacy of donations, individuals are advised to contact charities directly or donate through verified channels, such as the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) website. Visit this ACNC web page to check verified charity organizations:

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