Banning broker from political party was a 'big mistake'

by Mackenzie McCarty08 Oct 2013

Liberal Party NSW member and mortgage broker, John Ruddick, believed there was just a ‘15% chance’ he would be suspended over comments made on a major current affairs show late last month and says the party president's decision will likely be reversed due to public backlash.

“I had thought there was a 15% chance they would move to suspend me after speaking on 7:30 Report a week ago, so was surprised when they did … but it was a big mistake as it is backfiring badly on them,” Ruddick tells Australian Broker.

“The decision on the suspension is in around seven weeks and my hunch is it will be reversed prior to then.”

As reported in Australian Broker on Friday, Ruddick’s 10-second television interview called for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s ban on lobbyists holding party positions to be extended – something which apparently offended Liberal Party NSW state director, Mark Neeham, who claims the interview comments were ‘unauthorised’.  As a result, Ruddick was issued with a suspension notice.

However, Ruddick believes Neeham – who’s position as state party president/online gambling lobbyist would likely come into question should Ruddick’s policies ever eventuate – will likely reverse his decision.

“If they do suspend me it will only draw more attention to what we are trying to do in the party by democratising it.  I will definitely stay in the party and won’t give up until I am the party president…I don’t think people will leave the party as a result of this - it will fire up the existing members to demand democratic reform.”


  • by Positivity 8/10/2013 11:44:54 AM

    For the love of Chr!st why are gambling lobbyists moonlighting as Liberal Party presidents?

    This is a Fox / Hen House stuff if ever there was.

    This broker fulfilled his moral duty to the Liberal Party and Australia AND I especially like the way he quantified the 15%.

    Well done Broker

  • by SanityPrevails 8/10/2013 5:36:16 PM

    Go hard JR, it is only those that have a 'vested interest' that are moving towards this suspension. You only have the interests of the party at heart and giving the members the say they deserve.