BDMs 'worth their weight in gold'

Business development managers are 'worth their weight in gold' according to 2012 Australian BDM of the Year award winner, Stefania Riotto



Stefania Riotto from Advantedge took home the Australian BDM of the Year title at last year’s Australian Mortgage Awards. Stefania chats to Australian Broker TV about the relationship between BDMs and brokers.

So, how do you feel? This is a real achievement.

Well to make it through the first round was exciting, but this is just awesome!

What do you think made you stand out above the rest?

I don’t know, it’s tough competition. But obviously I’ve done something that the judges liked what I do and how I work so I’m just really proud and pleased.

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What do you think the future holds for BDMS?

A lot more hard work, tenaciousness. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s all about the people in the end who actually need the loans, the brokers just need us to help make those things happen.

How important are BDMs for brokers?

Absolutely critical – they’re just a lynchpin between the lenders and what they’re trying to do to build their business, so BDMs are definitely worth their weight in gold, and not just because I am one, but they are really key to

making that process smooth as possible.

What are the challenges that BDMs like yourself face?

Just trying to split ourselves up amongst all the brokers that we look after, and trying to do the right job for everyone with a consistent approach so it’s a tough job sometimes, trying to manage all the expectations.

Would you say, in terms of brokers, should they be getting in touch with you or is it a mutual relationship where you get in touch with them as well?

Oh yes, equal measures certainly. As long as they know that they can rely on you. You might not have to be in front of them all the time but as long as they can rely on you, once you’ve built that trust, it kind of takes care of itself and the work flows from there.

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