Broker marketing consultant gives top tips on how to maximise 2022

How brokers can make the most of the year to come

Broker marketing consultant gives top tips on how to maximise 2022


By Mike Wood

Brokers are being advised on to best increase their business in 2022, with a leading marketing consultant releasing a series of tips that brokers can utilise to prime themselves for a great new year.

John Maxwell, director of Cocalex Consulting, said that it was vital for brokers to have a structure that they could use to scale their growth and be ready for the opportunities that present themselves in 2022.

“Planning out your goals and targets can be daunting,” he said. “Each year for as long as I can remember, we go through the ritual of setting, resetting, and adjusting our goals for the next year. But over the years I’ve noticed something happening and it’s getting more and more prevalent.

“More sales professionals and business owners are not writing down their goals and planning out their year ahead in detail.

“Whichever the reason, the fact is, if you’re not writing out and planning your goals and reviewing them consistently and regularly, you’re simply not committed to achieving extraordinary results.”

Maxwell identified several key industry trends that brokers need to be aware of to maximise their opportunities, and top of the pile was the trend out of the cities, which seems set to continue as the market peaks in Sydney and Melbourne.

Regional brokers were cashing in on this trend, as well as city brokers who were able to accompany their clients wherever they went.

“Due to Covid-19, many are changing their lifestyles, how we work and play, and where we work and play,” he said.

“There’s a huge movement to relocate and live where you really want to live because more and more can comfortably work from home – so why not work by the beach or in the countryside? For this reason, purchases in many lifestyle areas are continuing to rise.

“Many regional brokers are smashing records too! These customers love receiving great service and are often more loyal and less likely to peg you against several others for their business.

“Their priorities and needs are different. Relationships matter greatly to this type of client. Living in the country is more about lifestyle and destressing.”

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