Broker Recruit Now, Pay Later could solve workload issues for brokers

Broker Recruit Now, Pay Later helps brokers to hire staff without the upfront costs

Broker Recruit Now, Pay Later could solve workload issues for brokers


By Mike Wood

Brokers, whether in the mortgage, commercial or asset finance spaces, have never been busier. Lending across all major sectors is up, and with that comes increased workload and a higher demand on time for brokers.

Hiring staff is the obvious way out of a workload crisis, but for many brokers, it is hard to stump up the cash or to find the time to solve this problem.

That’s why one funder is offering a unique Buy Now, Pay Later product to brokers; Broker Recruit Now, Pay Later.

Following the BNPL model, APositive has launched the product to help brokers to get the hires that they need to keep this success going.

“APositive specialise in providing funding tools to recruiters,” said Danny Marlow, CEO at APositive.

“We’ve got a whole network of recruiters, our whole network of clients. One of the solutions that we came up with to help the recruiters grow their business is by offering their customers, the employing entities, different options to pay off their recruitment fees so that they could smooth out their cash flow.”

“It made sense, because in conversations with platforms like Lend, we knew that brokers were in high growth mode at the moment and needed to find people. In an employment market where unemployment is at all-time lows, it’s really tough to find people.”

“How do you help the brokers find the people to help them growth their businesses? A buy now, pay later for recruitment fees reduces the barrier for them to use recruiters.”

APositive works with Lend, a major commercial platform, and has been taking part in their series of webinars designed to help brokers to deal with SMEs, and to better organise their own businesses.

“Apositive have been a lending partner with us for quite some time, and have a very niche spot in the market,” said Donelle Brooks, head of Third Party at Lend.

“We’ve been doing this series for the last 8 weeks, and have been typically focused on brokers and how they can improve their business.”

“There’s a real priority on hiring the right staff, and we’ve seen a lot of brokers comment in the sessions about that.”

“Whether it’s SLAs inspecting the residential space, whether just it’s an influx of work, whether it’s support work in assisting SMEs with deferrals and trying to access capital, the need for staff and expansion is greater than ever. “

“The great thing about Danny’s product is that it really fulfils the gap in the market to help brokers grow their business. While it is actually available to the broader network, it’s just skewed a little differently. This Recruit Now, Pay Later product is one that should not just be highlighted to SMEs, but also to the broker network as well.”


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