Brokerage launches educational video series

by Julia Corderoy29 Apr 2015
Mortgage Choice has launched a series of short animated videos to help answer customers’ most frequently asked financial questions.

The national brokerage unveiled the series, called Money Chat, on its website yesterday. Mortgage Choice’s general manager marketing Melissa McCarney says that with so much noise in the marketplace, customers are crying out for simple-to-understand and engaging content.

“Often, with so much information available, people can become confused and overwhelmed. As a result, we are increasingly finding our customers are searching for content that not only answers their questions, but is easily-digestible. It is for this reason that we developed Money Chat,” she said.

“The new Money Chat series allows Mortgage Choice to demystify some of the complex processes surrounding buying and owning property as well as financial planning, enabling our customers to take charge of their money and their financial future.”

All videos are also available to Mortgage Choice brokers and financial planners to distribute to their clients to help them stay “top of mind”.

“Through the videos, our brokers and financial planners are able to stay in touch and top of mind with their customers by providing them with educational and easy-to-understand video content.”

While Mortgage Choice has created videos on everything from refinancing to superannuation, McCarney said franchisees had the opportunity to send their customers and prospects the most relevant video content.