Brokers sexier than planners, says survey

by Adam Smith23 Apr 2013

How sexy is mortgage broking as a profession? Not very, according to a new survey.

A national survey by dating site has asked Australians the sexiest professions, and brokers may be disheartened to learn they're pretty low on the list. The sexiest profession, according to Australian women surveyed, is the defence force, with 14.1% ranking it as the moost attractive sector. Men, meanwhile, were keen on women in healthcare, hospitality and sports and recreation.
Sadly, it seems brokers will have to fall back on their glowing personalities and natural charm rather than rely on the draw of their vocation. Real estate and property professionals were ranked sexiest by just 1% of women and 0.6% of men. But mortgage brokers can still lord their position over their peers in insurance and advice, as insurance and superannuation was ranked as the sexiest profession by a whopping 0% of men and women.
In the interest of fairness, journalists also failed to rank particularly highly, with just 2.7% of women and 3.5% of men tipping media as an attractive profession.


  • by NoTimeLikeTheFuture 23/04/2013 11:26:40 AM

    As a bloke i think finance should be sexy.

    Women just don't know what they want

    I'm joking of course. They want it all ;-)

    I've done a defence force home loan if that helps..