Brokers urged to answer online questions

by Rebecca Pike15 May 2018

A former mortgage industry professional is challenging brokers to be more present and available for their customers.

The founder of online marketplace simplyaskit wants brokers and other industry professionals to be able to answer questions directly from consumers on the platform.

simplyaskit is a digital space where people can ask questions and receive answers from professionals in the relevant space.

Founder, Paul Ryan, said recent scrutiny of the financial services sector had made this venture very important.

He added, “It’s very clear that there is very little trust in the financial services industry. The horrendous stories from the Royal Commission are all the proof we need.

“There are some fantastic advisers and industry experts who are tired of their reputations being tarnished by the actions of their peers.

“I keep hearing bank CEOs saying they need to bridge the trust gap. They’re nice words but there’s no meaningful action.

 “A question was asked the other day if it was possible to buy a property to live in through a self-managed superfund and two industry experts came back with ‘no’ being the answer.

“Within a couple of hours of the question being asked, everyone visiting the platform could go back to their adviser and say that advice you gave me is not correct. This would have saved some people tens of thousands of dollars.”

Ryan  is challenging the banks, financial services providers and the insurance industry to be more proactive in bridging the trust gap by mandating their advisers, bank managers and mortgage brokers to be on simplyaskit and available to answer consumers’ questions.

Ryan, a finance professional for over 25 years founded simplyaskit as an open marketplace to ensure people always had access to accountable information so they can make better, informed decisions.


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  • by Neville Wilkins 15/05/2018 10:09:29 AM

    Paul, as you are probably aware, Self Managed Super Fund rules are very complex. My understanding is that in 99.9% of cases, you will not be able to live in a home that you buy through your Self Managed Super Fund. I think, on a web page like yours, it would be preferable for a Broker to say No rather than Yes, but with an appropriate disclaimer. In realty, the Broker would need to fully assess the client's own personal and business position before giving this advice. In most cases, the answer would be No.

  • by Sick of ‘disrupters’ 15/05/2018 1:21:49 PM

    And how exactly does simplyaskit regulate that the information is correct?
    Is Mr Ryan going to pay someone’s legal bills if they get sued for provide advice without a full analysis?
    It’s a rubbish platform that serves no purpose other than to try and create a freemium business model for Mr Ryan that can eventually charge professionals to be part of to try and advertise on.

  • by Paul Ryan 15/05/2018 3:42:53 PM

    Unlike some, the industry experts on simplyaskit provide their full name, business details, occupation and warrant they have the qualifications and licences to participate. They don't hide behind an alias nor are they keyboard warriors.

    The open platform offers industry experts to openly showcase their expertise, engage with more customers and build a more trusted reputation with their answers and content generated.

    To also be clear industry experts can choose a freemium profile or premium profile. Under the premium profile, they have geotargeted banner advertising which helps create greater awareness for their own business.

    I'm more than happy to debate the pro's and con's of the platform with you but that would mean you'll have to come clean with your identity.

    Sick of disrupters, blame Thomas Edison