Bumper year in 2023 for Resolve Finance

A network of brokers led the company's success

Bumper year in 2023 for Resolve Finance


By Jonalyn Cueto

Resolve Finance has reported a bumper calendar year in lending, with funds under its management now over $4.5 billion, up 5.4% year over year, according to a news release.

The firm said it reached $1.6 billion in settlements thanks to its growing franchisee network as well as strong market conditions in refinancing. Its franchisee network has increased 11.4% over the past year to 55, with many of the franchises now being established and growing. The total number of brokers across the network is now 81, according to the news release.

The increase in the number of franchisees resulted in an increase of 15% in settlements. Resolve Finance has described its franchise network as “the driving force behind the company’s loan volume growth.” It said franchisees accounted for $1.13 billion of total loan volumes.

“We are delighted with the remarkable results attained by our brokers in the past year. This significant growth reflects the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of our entire team. The expansion of our franchisee network and the uptick in settlements through this avenue have been instrumental in our success, and we extend our gratitude to our franchise partners for their outstanding contribution,” said Don Crellin (pictured), managing director of Resolve Finance.

“Our employee broker team has remained steady while our franchise recruitment focus and resulting growth has accelerated. More than two thirds of the Resolve Finance broker team are now franchisees, a significant shift from 12 months ago when franchisees accounted for just over half of the company’s brokers.”

Resolve Finance also noted that more than 70% of its brokers are under 50 years old and that around one-third of its brokers are female with many multilingual franchisees joining the business.

Crellin said the company has a changing model that enables it to expand “rapidly” and cater to more customers.

“Borrowers recognise the significance of consulting their broker to discover a product and strategy that suits their needs,” he said. “In response to the increasing demand, we remain open to inquiries from potential franchise partners as we expand our community of dedicated brokers. This ensures that we have ample resources to effectively serve Australian borrowers.”

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