Construction industry trends shift amid market pressures

Two trends redefine construction industry

Construction industry trends shift amid market pressures


By Mina Martin

Amid the financial and staffing challenges facing the construction industry, two significant trends are emerging as potential solutions: the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and an increased focus on mental health, according to the Property Council.

“The costs and delays in constructing homes, commercial, and industrial projects are worsened by a historic shortage in labour and market capacity,” said Matthew Kandelaars, Property Council group executive policy and advocacy, highlighting the issues confronting the industry.

Leveraging AI in construction

AI’s role in construction is becoming more pronounced, with companies now recognising its potential to enhance efficiency.

Effective AI needs both a good data strategy and a good process strategy,” said Will Twomey (pictured above), senior director of solutions consulting APAC at Procore Technologies. “If you put AI on top of a bad process, it’s not going to be a great outcome.”

Twomey further highlighted the importance of reevaluating existing processes to ensure they’re optimised for AI integration.

Boosting mental health support

Simultaneously, the construction sector is shifting its view on mental health, traditionally seen as rugged and resilient, towards recognising the importance of mental well-being. Initiatives like Get Construction Talking are being introduced to foster open conversations and support workers.

“Technology offers unique opportunities to facilitate mental health efforts,” Twomey said, pointing to forums and learning modules as tools to create safe spaces for dialogue and support.

Navigating future directions

As the construction industry confronts these pressures, the dual focus on technological advancements and mental health support is paving the way for a more efficient and humane industry landscape. By embracing these innovations, construction companies are not only addressing current challenges but also building a foundation for a sustainable future.

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