Consumers betting on further cash rate cut

by Julia Corderoy27 Aug 2015
The majority of Australian consumers believe that the cash rate will be dropped lower than 2% before the end of this year, a new survey has revealed.

A consumer poll by leading financial advisory and investment group Cigna Wealth found that 60% of respondents anticipate the Reserve Bank of Australia will cut the official interest rate again.

The remaining 40% believed that the cash rate would be held steady at 2% for the remainder of the year, leaving no respondent who expected a cash rate hike. 

According to the results, 44% of the 907 online respondents expect the cash rate to be lowered to 1.75%, while 16% thought it could drop to as low as 1.5%.

However, with ongoing concern about the global impact of the Greek debt crisis, economic uncertainty in China, and share market volatility, Cigna Wealth managing director Kent Leicester says it is reassuring the  RBA still has more room to move than most other central banks around the world.

“The RBA has been reducing the cash rate since November 2011 and has cut the official rate twice this year in response to subdued consumer confidence and fragile economic conditions,” he said.

“Consumers expect the cuts to continue with worrying international economic developments and weak conditions on the domestic front.”

Leicester is now encouraging home loan customers to take advantage of the low interest rate regime and pay down mortgages as much as possible.

“This current period of record low interest rates is a win-win situation for mortgage holders with the capacity to pay back that little bit extra.”


  • by GC 27/08/2015 9:51:48 AM

    I have been advised the RBA will reduce rates by .25% soon but none of it will be passed to the consumer. This is apparently a result of the Basil requirements.
    Anyone care to confirm??

  • by Wozza 27/08/2015 10:07:08 AM

    No, that cant be right. The head of APRA has already said that clients should fix their loans now and he is always right!!!!