Dan Peters in the hot seat

Partner at Edgeview Finance wants to give back in a meaningful way, saying "We want our contribution to charity to be significant, not a token"

Dan Peters in the hot seat


By Sarah Megginson

Q: Tell us about your background and your previous charity involvement.

A: I have a beautiful fiancée and two amazing young boys. I grew up outside of Toowoomba and moved to the Gold Coast, where I spent a couple of years working in restaurants before starting my career in finance, first at Bank of Queensland, then NAB. Then the entrepreneur in me decided to take the plunge, and I founded Edgeview Finance six years ago with my current business partner. During this time, I also completed a master of business at Bond University.

My charity involvement has included volunteering for Meals on Wheels and Daffodil Day, attending charity events and making donations. The last year, however, has really reminded me of the power and benefits of a great charity’s positive impact on society. Our eldest son loves the beach and wanted to go to Nippers – an amazing program run by Surf Lifesaving. I decided to get involved and completed a Bronze Medallion. I’m now a volunteer lifesaver at Northcliffe Surf Club, and I’m able to spend more time with my son. It was the culture of the club that reinforced the positive impact charities have on our communities.

Q: Your new donation program will see you pledge up to 20% of upfront commissions to charity. What made you decide to commit to philanthropy in such a meaningful way?

A: I conducted much research within our firm and externally to understand and select a sustainable and impactful amount. We considered some different ways we could contribute, but I wanted to feel that we were making a difference. We wanted our clients to know we’re serious in assisting them to support their charities in a meaningful way.

Q: Why did you choose now, in the middle of a pandemic and with extra pressure on the finance industry, to launch this program?

A: That’s a good question. We have been researching our Donation Program initiative for a while. We knew our proposed model was viable when we started working with Jessica Bowman, the CEO of The Good Cause Co. Under her guidance, all the pieces came together. We know from Jessica that charities are facing a perfect storm – a massive drain on resources to meet the increased demand to execute their social mandate, and a donor base facing a challenging future. We didn’t want to wait for a time that was best for us.

Q: Does the program have an end date, or will it continue indefinitely?

A: We haven’t set an end date, but we will reassess it each year; it’s vital to make sure it’s easy for charities and their members to access and benefit from our program. We see our initiative as us doing our bit. The mortgage industry is broad and deep; we know there is an abundance of good work that goes on every day to support both local communities and charities. This is our way of contributing.

In a time when charities are struggling to survive, Mortgage Brokers Edgeview Finance are giving $500 per loan to charity through their newly launched Donation Program. GIVIT, who match generosity with genuine need, are one of their nominated charities. Donations by Edgeview Finance will assist GIVIT to continue to support those affected by hardship, whatever their circumstances, by drought, bushfire or by events like COVID-19. GIVIT Founder and Director, Juliette Wright OAM said more Australians than ever need support from charities and community organisations such as those registered with GIVIT. “With negative economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt across Australia, we’re already seeing a significant increase in people needing assistance and expect this to rise over the coming months – including many who may never have found themselves in such a vulnerable position before,” said Wright.

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