Discussions run by brokers, for brokers, long overdue

by AB12 Apr 2013

Brokers are coming together to discuss the industry hot topics, filling the gap of peer-to-peer discussion many believe is missing from industry associations.

Stephen Dinte of the Independent Finance Brokers Forum (IFBF), tells BrokerTV that the panel discussions are ‘brokers helping brokers’.

“Brokers are looking for answers and we believe it’s the IFBF. We’re a non-profit organisation, we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, but we are a group of mortgage brokers; we’re all volunteers trying to help our fellow brokers to be more successful in the industry.”

Dinte says the point of hosting the discussions is a simple one: Improving profitability.

To view the full interview with Stephen Dinte, click here


  • by Papery 12/04/2013 9:18:11 AM

    Independent......there's that word again!

  • by Broker 12/04/2013 10:15:59 AM

    I am more interested in what beneficial ACTION will result of this, I suspect a talkfest with zero positive outcome to any Broker.

    Anyone think any different?