Don't let lenders get in 'your face'

by AB09 Jul 2013

Tiffen & Co bagged themselves Australian Brokerage of the Year at last year's Australian Mortgage Awards. We caught up with Gerard Tiffen to find out what he looks for when taking on new talent.

Why do you think you won Brokerage of the Year?

We’re the best, that’s why I guess! No, as I’ve said previously, awesome team, work with lovely people.

It’s a tough industry out there at the moment. What advice would you give people starting out in the industry right now?

Build relationships, that’s pretty much all I could say. Educate yourself, learn to meet the right people, work with the right people and you’ll go far.

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What would you say brokers need to watch out for in the next 12 months or so, be wary of?

Good question. I think probably just choice, rather than becoming just an agent for one particular lender. Making sure that we do stay diligent with giving people choice. A lot of the major banks are trying to get in front of our face more than not and dictate the terms. Offering people opportunity and diversification.

On that note would you say independence is quite important as well?

Yes – 100%, definitely. We need to be totally impartial in what we do.

In terms of brokers, what makes a really good broker?

Passion. Be passionate about what you do, love what you do and enjoy it. I enjoy what I do every day of the week.

What sort of brokers do you look out for?

I look out for brokers that are dynamic, young. Look it’s a tough industry to find new talent out there. Hopefully…the MFAA, that’s their role in going forward over the next 12-24 months. There’s plans to recruit and get into universities and TAFEs and let people know what a great industry we’re in.


  • by Mini Broker Pakenham vic 9/07/2013 9:52:19 AM

    Good honest overview of the broking industry without any hidden agenda or complicated diversification or market planning jargon. It really explains why Gerard's business is doing so well, A credit to our industry