Effi unrolls AI-powered bot for brokers

Fintech claims new SMS campaign tool will reduce lead conversion times and streamline customer interactions

Effi unrolls AI-powered bot for brokers


By Madison Utley

A new to market fintech has gone live with a tool to help brokers reduce lead conversion times and streamline interactions with customers.

Having just launched in June, Effi has already expanded the functionality of its mortgage broker management platform to enable users to automatically engage with customers through its AI-powered SMS Campaign Bot.

Rather than leaving the broker to individually message each customer, the new capability automatically reaches out to the entire database of contacts via text or email to schedule a follow-up call or run a specific marketing campaign.

"Brokers have been burdened with day to day administrative struggles for years to ensure comprehensive recordkeeping and to meet their necessary financial and compliance obligations," explained Effi founder Mandeep Sodhi.

"This has led to an industry where real, genuine client engagement is king; brokers being able to do this effortlessly while on the move, having access to an intuitive AI-powered solution that learns with each interaction, will have a transformational impact on the sector,” he added.

“At Effi, our goal is to create intelligent tools to enable brokers to be productive beyond their human limitations."

The SMS Campaign Bot learns and fine tunes its approach to conversation with each customer interaction; if it detects an abnormal customer response, it alerts the broker to step in. 

According to Sodhi, brokers immediately embraced the new machine learning tool within days of its launch. 

Collins Mayaki, founder and CEO of Sydney mortgage broker Wealthy You, is among the new users who have been “amazed by the results”.

"We were blown away by SMS Campaign Bot's ability to drive an engaging conversation in a natural language, which creates the perception that the broker is actively participating in the dialogue," he said.

"We can't wait to try it out with more use-cases, and because it uses continuous machine learning, the experience will only improve over time."

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